Simply Baked Brownie


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We’ve all heard the expression, “that’s the way the Medicated Fudge Brownie crumbles”. Well, this chocolatey fudge brownie crumbles in the best way possible, and the results are better than anything you could hope for. It’s hard to imagine that such an unassuming snack could have such powerful and desirable effects. This delectable medicated chocolate fudge brownie is definitely one of the best edibles. It has all of the same effects and benefits as the other edibles created by Simply Baked. The strong body high acts as a pain reliever, leaving patients relaxed, happy, and even euphoric. Eventually, as time goes on, users will begin to feel tired, hungry, and sleepy. Most patients have suggested that it is better to take Simply Baked Medicated Fudge Brownie later in the day, or during periods of relative inactivity; due to the powerful and relaxing features that come with eating this delicious medication. It is suggested that patients take these cookies to treat insomnia, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation, muscle spasms, and a lack of appetite.

“Simply Baked” – Chocolate Fudge Brownie
180 Milligrams High Potency THC

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